Wild Ace Introduction: High RTP Jili Slot

Wild Ace Introduction

Wild ace is undeniably one of the must-play slot machines in 2023. With an astounding RTP of 97% and a guaranteed entry into free rounds, Wild ace has fought its way through the multitude of slot machines to capture the hearts of players in the Philippines. This Jili slot machine is the heir to the highly popular and classic preceding Jili slots, Super Ace and Mega Ace. It keeps the beloved elements that made Wild Ace so popular, but innovates in gameplay, featuring faster game mechanics and more opportunities to hit the jackpot! Let’s dive into our review and introduction to the gameplay of the Jili slot, Wild ace.

Quick Guide to Wild Ace Interface

As you enter the exciting world of Wild ace, you will see the game interface as illustrated below. In the middle, you will find a classic 5-reel slot machine with a poker theme. At the bottom of the screen are various controls including the betting area, start button, auto-play button, and turbo button. You can find detailed functionalities of each button in the settings, located at the bottom left corner represented by a gear icon.

Quick Guide to Wild Ace Interface

How to Play Wild Ace?

Wild ace is a 5-reel Jili slot game, boasting an incredible 1024 ways to win through its paylines. Let’s delve into the thrilling content and gameplay of Wild ace.

Wild Ace: Play Rules

In Wild ace, lining up three or more identical symbols from left to right on the reels triggers a reward. With a staggering 1024 ways to trigger payline rewards, Wild ace keeps the excitement levels high. The reward is calculated by multiplying your bet amount by the symbol’s odds. Each payline in this Jili slot will only trigger the highest amount, and in a single spin, you can trigger rewards up to 20 times. If you hit the 20, the game will tally the rewards and conclude the round.

Wild Ace: Play Rules

Wild Ace: Symbols & Pay Tables

There are different odds for different symbols. Below is a table that breaks down the odds for each symbol.

Wild Ace: Symbols & Pay Tables

Wild Ace: Golden Card

In Wild ace, as your combos accumulate, the symbols on the reels will sequentially upgrade to Golden Cards. Symbols that turn into Golden Cards are considered wild, meaning they unlock even more combinations! When your combos in this Jili slot hit 2, 5, 8, or 11, the J, Q, K, and Ace symbols on the screen will upgrade, respectively. Detailed illustrations can be found below.

⚠️wild can be any symbol except scatter

Wild Ace: Golden Card

Wild Ace: Free Games & More Bonuses!

Free Games:

In Wild ace, when three scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, you enter the free game. During this free game, players can enjoy symbol upgrades and even more multipliers. As the game progresses, at 2 combos, the J symbol will upgrade to a wild card, and the payout odds are doubled. At 5 combos, the Q upgrades to a wild card and 3x the payout odds. At 8 combos, K upgrades to a wild card with a 4x multiplier. Lastly, at 11 combos, Ace upgrades to a wild card with a 5x multiplier.

Wild Ace: Free Games

More Bonus:

In the free game mode of Wild ace, each symbol upgrade triggers the Aces and Kings event. Two overlay cards will appear on the screen, and you can choose one. The card you pick in this Jili slot game will offer different numbers of free spins, based on the reward indicated on the card.

Wild Ace: More Bonus

How to Win Wild Ace? Tips & Strategies

We all know that the biggest rewards in slot machines are found in the free rounds, and one of the best features of Jili slot is that it provides a mechanism that guarantees entry into free games. In the daily rewards of Jili slot, players are gifted with Rich Cards – which are essentially vouchers for free games within the Jili slot. By placing bets of a certain amount, you can redeem Jili slot’s daily rewards. To check out the details, click on the notepad icon in the top left corner of the interface. The number of times you can redeem Jili slot’s daily rewards resets at 8 AM.

How to Win Wild Ace? Tips & Strategies

Play Wild Ace Free and Earn Real Money

After going through the introduction, are you eager to try out the exhilarating Wild ace? You can play a demo version of this high RTP slot for free on platforms partnered with Jili, such as LodiBet and HawkPlay. You can use the demo version to familiarize yourself with the game’s operations. If you want to win real money, all you need to do is register and enter the official game. Click the button below to dive into the game now!


Wild ace is an easy-to-learn game that offers a plethora of opportunities to trigger more paylines. This makes it easier for players to win rewards in the game, making it highly recommended for beginners.

In Wild ace, the minimum bet amount is 1, while the maximum bet amount is 1000.

You can find Wild ace on any online casino platform that is partnered with Jili. Platforms like LodiBet and HawkPlay are both reputable and legal online casinos in the Philippines that feature Wild ace.