LODIBET Casino Register - Legal Philippine Online Casino

Registering at LODIBET Casino is completely legal and safe, as long as you are a Filipino player over the age of 21, you can register to play and win real money. LODIBET is one of the latest casinos in the Philippines which offers a great opportunity for those who want to claim a free bonus. As long as you deposit over ₱300, you have a chance to take away the ₱8888 bonus!

However, we have recently discovered that some fake sites are pretented to be the official to scam players of their money and personal information. To prevent players from being scammed, we will also cover how to prevent the fake site and list out the phishing sites we know so far below.

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Not only will we show you how to register with LODIBET Gaming, but we will also show you how to claim these free bonuses. For those of you still on the fence, now is your best chance to be one of LODIBET Casino’s players!

How to Register on LODIBET?

Registering for an online casino is not the same as registering for an email or Facebook account. You have to enter your account, password, and name, but there are some details you need to pay attention to. Skipping key steps can cause you to have trouble cashing out in the future.

Of course, our professional 24/7 customer service team can help you solve these problems, but if you get it right the first time, you’ll save yourself the extra time and stress of worrying about your bonus.

However, signing up for LODI is easy and quick, usually in less than five minutes. Here are only 4 rules you need to keep in mind to win real money and get a free bonus right now:

A set of the mobile number which can receive SMS

Players need to provide us with a set of phone numbers in the Philippines so we can verify your identity through SMS. If you encounter any difficulty in the game or cash flow, when our online customer service can’t effectively solve the case, you can also call our customer service hotline to seek assistance. We can also use your number to track the case.

Fill in real information

It is very important to fill in the real information. Internet users usually fill out false information in their personal information, but please be sure to fill it in truthfully here, especially your real name. Your real name will be the basis for checking your account name, so don’t neglect it.

Using high-security passwords

Because online casinos are bound to have loads of cash flow, they are more vulnerable to hackers. Although LODIBET uses Global Trust AES 256 bits encryption, we urge members to use strong account passwords as secondary insurance. Common high-strength combinations include English letters and numbers, between 12 and 16 characters, and do not have consecutive characters (12345, ABCDE, etc.).

One account for one player only

This is the convention of all online casinos. By default, a member is only allowed to have one set of accounts, and the user policy specifically lists this. people with bad intentions will create multiple accounts to engage in money laundering or other criminal activities, which we will not tolerate. Once it is found that a member has multiple registrations using the same IP address or phone number, the member’s membership will be canceled.

Once you understand these 4 principles, you can become a member of LODI immediately. But with so many Philippine online casinos, what makes a player devote to one? We’ll explain.

What LODIBET Casino Offers

What Lodibet casino offer

The reasons why LODIBET Gaming stands out from the others is due to our fast cash-out, high-security level, certification of legitimacy, free bonus, VIP program and goods exchange.

Fast gold speed

Players typically receive their money in less than five minutes, and the cashout process with not be over 10 minutes. For big amount withdrawals, such as a million, the delay may be up to an hour. Because neither electronic payments nor bank transfers can send such a large amount in once, it has to be processed in batches.

Excellent security

As we mentioned earlier, LODI uses Global Trust AES 256-bit encryption, so players can play on our servers without fear of data being compromised. You can safely save every penny and easily withdraw the bonus from your account.Do notice Lodibet requires a mandatory password change to enhance account security. Recommended combination contains capital letters, lowercase letters and mix of inconsecutive digit numbers. Enforcing password change periodically is one of our persistence about data safety.

Validity of authentication

It is registered locally in the Philippines and has an e-gaming license from the government, as well as a legal license from Costa Rica, allowing Philippines players over the age of 21 (the legal gaming age in the Philippines) to play on it.

Free bonus

Since it is our grand open period, free bonuses and discounts are essential. Now there are 5 promotions, the most attractive is the wheel of fortune, registered members have at least one chance to spin every day, and the top prize is up to ₱8888.

Few casinos have these advantages, especially when it comes to the speed of the cashout process, which is often the most criticized by players. Is the casino gonna pay me or not? When can I get my money? Why did you apply for a withdrawal yesterday and still not receive the money today? Fortunately, you will not encounter these problems here at LOGIBET Casino, we guarantee that all registered members can receive their bonus in the shortest time.

VIP program

Lodibet’s VIP program automatically applies to member deposit a minimum amount, you are entitled to the privilege as a level one VIP membership. Your membership grows with your deposit and bet, every time you promote you receive a cash reward. The highest level has full access to enjoy 10% Bet Point, 50% cash-back twice a week, 0.5% rebate, ₱20,000 and free VIP tour. The Bet Point is for the use of Lodibet Shopping Mall, it’s a virtual goods exchange center where you can actually purchase physical merchandise with Bet Point.

Goods exchange

The exchange function is located in Lodibet Shopping Mall. In our mall, you’re able to exchange game credit, phone credit, ROLEX watch, motorcycle, iPhone, Apple Watch, Dyson households, GoPro and air purifier. All members get Bet Point proportionately when betting, consider this giveback system as part of our return-to-player mechanics.

About LODIBET Casino Register: Beware of Phishing Site

Recently, we found a lot of people with bad intentions are using our name to set up phishing websites, deceiving players to register and deposit money.

Phishing sites are criminal fraud sites that attempt to steal sensitive personal information such as user names, passwords, and credit card details from internet users. It often directs users to enter personal data on fake websites whose URLs and interfaces are indistinctly similar to the real ones, and it is difficult to detect if a site is fake, even with strongly encrypted SSL server authentication.

However, since we own the brand ourselves, we know exactly what we do and what we don’t. Only one phishing site has been found at present, and there will be other similar sites after that.




We received a lot of players, who said this website will use player’s registration data for an improper purpose, such as selling to a hacker or malicious use of credit card and bank information, currently, more than 1000 players suffer, 34 of them couldn’t receive their bonus after winning.

If you don’t want to fall into this fake site, you can put it on the URL blacklist. How do you set that up? No matter what browser or operating system you’re using, go to Settings, type “Block” in the search box, find the blacklist option, and type “https://lodigame.com/” to add to the blacklist.

For Android, Chrome can’t block harmful websites directly, but BlockSite is an app you can use to block them effectively:

Use BlockSite to block harmful websites on Android

For iOS, you can block it by going to the setting:

setting your iphone to block harmful websites on iOS

Regarding this matter, we have officially made a statement with the Manila authority and cooperated with the Internet law enforcement department to investigate the relevant case. Please do not visit this website. The police have informed us that this website may implant viruses through any possible click. If you find any other sites to cheat players, feel free to report them to us, we will immediately help you deal with them.

Register LODIBET Casino to Claim Exclusive Bonuses

By signing up for our membership, players can enjoy many advantages, which we’ve mentioned above. Right now, we’re going to elaborate on the free bonus and tell you how to claim it.

LODI has five promotions running currently, they are open to all members who meet the requirements. Like most online casinos, many of them are deposit cashback. Welcome Bonus 5%, Daily Deposit 10%, GCash Offline Deposit 2%, 0.5% Daily Cashback.

One of the five events, Lucky Spin, although it also requires players to deposit, as long as the value reaches ₱300, you can spin the wheel once. The top bonus is ₱8,888! Best of all, the event resets every day at 00:00, giving players a chance to win a prize every day! The higher the amount saved, the more times you can transfer, up to 15 times. Explore Lodibet now, spin that ₱8,888 jackpot!


If you have problems registering, it is recommended that you first check your account and password for compliance, and then verify that the SMS authentication phase has passed. If the problem is still unresolved, you are advised to contact our customer service.

Yes, it is not required, so you can choose whether you have it or not.

Fill in the same name as your account name. If you have further questions, you can also contact our customer service staff.

No. We encourage each member to set up their account so there are no disputes over money.

The first thing you should do after registering your account checks out LODIBET Gaming to see what payment methods it supports and choose one of them to deposit. After that, your money can be directly used in the game, and the money won will be sent to your designated account as soon as possible.