Download LODIBET APK latest version

Download LODIBET APK for Android & iOS leads conspicuous benefits for players. 2023 latest version of APK decrease the risk of game crash and protects personal information leakage from hackers. It’s highly recommended to download for better experience.


In general, PC players are allowed to visit online casinos safe with browser plug-ins, making mobile players impossible to do so. Plus, Windows, macOS and Linux have numerous means (firewall, antivirus software) to help prevent virus attacks. Android and iOS are not equipped with such a strict protection mechanism, causing a significant increase in the risk of being infected or attacked.

Right after LODIBET casino’s mobile app released, things have dramatically changed. We apply advanced SSL encryption technology and system-application core isolation technology for each model, which keep your banking data safe and enhance the game stability. With our APK, you are free from slipping through a jackpot chance forever and ever.

In addition, the team will update the LODIBET APK once a month. Version updates are based on user feedback and improvements in data security, as well as the introduction of new features to optimize the player’s gaming experience.

Here is a glimpse of our recent version updates:

  • 16.1.11 – Enhanced game stability to fix bugs and errors, introduced JiliSlot game.

  • 16.1.12 – Improved user interface for a more intuitive gaming experience, added new payment options.

  • 16.1.14 – Optimized game loading times, introduced new slot games with higher RTP.

How to Download LODIBET APK for Free

Download LODIBET APK is completely free with no in-app purchase, you’re not obligated to pay anything in our app. In the next section, we’re going to demonstrate a step-by-step installation guide for different devices.

Android iconAndroid
Upgrade the Android system

1. Upgrade your OS

In order for the best performance, LODIBET APK requires an operation system of Android 5.0 or above, you should check if the OS version is still below 5.0 before the download process begins. It's quite understandable that some of the players tend to keep their OS at a specific version with higher stability, thus upgrade to the latest version is not a mandatory requirement. If possible, upgrade to date is still a better option.

install icon

2. Download/install the Application

Go to download page, choose for Android to start download and install, more instructions are followed. When installing, remember to set LODIBET Casino as a trusted third-party vendor in order to finish the installation process successfully.

register member icon

3. Become Registered Member

You have to be our registered member to unlock all the services, including games, deposit, withdrawal, agent, etc. If you are not yet a member, you can click here to register.

Ready icon

4. Ready to GO

Congratulations! you have completed all procedures. Prepare for thousands of slots, online fishing, Sabong, live casino and many other games on the shelves. Start winning now & have fun!

iOS iconiOS
Upgrade the iOS system

1. Under Official Support

Apple recently announced that it will no longer support products contemporary with iPhone 6. This announcement implies old product users may encounter compatibility issues.

install icon

2. Download and Install

Visit download page and follow download/installation instructions. When installing, set LODIBET Gaming as a trusted third-party vendor to avoid technical problems.

register member icon

3. Become Registered Member

LODIBET forbids direct-play as a reputable online casino, in contrast to dubious sites. Sign up to join the big family and experience thousands of quality games. Click here to register.

Ready icon

4. Ready to GO

You can now enjoy our exclusive services to the fullest! We have a wide selection of gambling games and promotions guaranteed to meet your needs!

Will there be any difference between Android and iOS? The quick answer is no. Both versions share the same interface and features, only to be fine-tuned for mobile optimization to ensure all players can equally enjoy same benefits. Rest assured on unfair treatment, situation like such will never happen.

How to Login to LODIBET?

Step 1: Choose your login platform

Lodibet Online Casino Login: Players who log in to LODIBET through the website should pay special attention and triple-check that the login platform’s URL is correct. Only the link provided below is a legally authorized online casino platform. Lodibet VIP Login: Lodibet VIP and Lodibet agent login also use the link provided below. Detailed information can be referred to under ”LODIBET Agent”’

Lodibet App Login: If you are using the LODIBET app to log in, you can follow the instructions on the app to log in.

Step 2: Enter Your Login Details

At the top of the LODIBET login web page, enter your login account and password, and then click the login button next to it to proceed. Players can also use other social media accounts to log in, such as Google or Facebook accounts. Click on the drop-down menu next to the login button, and you will see options to connect with Google or Facebook.
lodibet download and login

Common Login Issues

Forgot Your Password?:Click the icon next to the Password to retrieve your password. Fill in your Username and the Email you used during registration to retrieve your password. Account Issues: If you encounter issues logging in on the Lodibet app, first check if there’s an updated APK file available. If you still can’t log in, please contact LODIBET customer support.
lodibet download and login

Contact Support

If the above troubleshooting steps do not resolve your “lodibet login” issue, please contact Lodibet customer support.

Why Download LODIBET is Better Than Playing on Browser

play fun icon

On previous chapter, we’ve talked about security and stability. But what’s behind all these? To answer this question, we are going to focus on peculiar details and tell you more about our app.

1. Security

Desktop users are able to play on browsers safe because of the HVCI (Hypervisor-protected Code Integrity) or SIP (System Integrity Protection) protection system. But for mobiles, they have weaker protection against browsers, making them an easy target. However, our app is developed with SSL encryption and system-application core isolation technology, users are free from forthcoming threatens.

2. Stability

We adopt state-of-the-art device optimization techniques to maintain stable API streaming. All casino games require an API (Application Programming Interface) to establish a streaming connection with the game provider, but some games were originally designed for computer interface orientation and are inevitably subject to occasional errors when moved to a mobile browser. Most betting games add certain provisions to terms of use that alludes if an unpredictable error occurs, the game will not be counted with no compensations. You can actively prevent by using our application.

3. Click & Play

Our application allows you to deposit, play or withdrawal anytime, anywhere. It’s also easier to check your balance, current events and account status than using browser of choice.

4. Fluent Experience

Delay is inevitable for browser. Long-loading, late-response often occurs under web page structure, severely sabotaging one’s gaming experience. Our application reduces the latency and ensures that everything is within the allowed range.

Despite all benefits, LODIBET is still a gambling platform, transaction is certainly involved. Concerns raised since Google and Apple strictly carry out their policies against mobile gambling. Are players eligible to win real money through our app? Yes, you absolutely can, because LODIBET Casino is a registered Philippine cooperation!

Get Paid Real Cash in LODIBET APK

LODIBET APK is available to win real money. We hold a Costa Rican gaming license and legally registered in the Philippines. Note that Filipino players must reach the age of 21 to gamble.

LODIBET online casino adheres to all Philippine laws and regulations, from operations to withdrawals, everything is done in accordance with legal procedures to keep players gambling at ease. In our app, all gaming related activities are under the supervision of the Philippine government, your winnings will be paid in full and fast in any case.

You’re entitled to win and win big through our app: Game providers we work with have past the game lab tests, their games are required to perform 1 billion simulations before launching on our APK. Chances are you’ll most likely to win if you conduct your betting strategy properly.

We support all mainstream electronic payment methods (GCash, GrabPay, PayMaya) in the Philippines, and a majority of local banks are involved. You are able to deposit winnings into your e-wallet, bank account or withdraw cash directly where ever you want. Make your decisions quick!

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While the Philippines is a legitimate gaming nation, but others are not. Therefore, due to the limitations of international law, we are still unable to launch our app on these two platforms.

We will release new versions from time to time, and players can choose to update them within the app or on our official website.

Simply because our app is not yet available on Google Play and App Store. After doing so, a virus scan will automatically start on your mobile device, LODIBET APK is then adding to the whitelist and able to operate.

Both desktop users and mobile users get paid at the same rate. It’s averagely less than 5 minutes depends on how much you are to transfer.

Not at all. Our mobile device optimization technology has matured development with mobile-friendly design in mind.

Yes, the LODIBET app is completely legitimate in the Philippines, as LODIBET holds a Costa Rican gaming license.