GCash to PayMaya? Experts’ Recommendations

Gcash to paymaya,what is the benefit?

Recently, GCash unexpectedly prohibited users from accessing funds in their accounts. Currently, regulatory authorities are investigating potential data leaks within GCash. This serves as a warning that keeping all your funds in a single electronic wallet may not be a wise practice. Therefore, experts suggest diversifying and storing money in different places to prevent related risks. For instance, transferring funds from GCash to PayMaya, Grab, or physical banks. Let’s explore the characteristics of each of these channels.


You can easily open an account within minutes with PayMaya app and enjoy partnerships with numerous merchants and e-commerce platforms, enabling widespread usage. Additionally, it provides cross-border access to deposits and withdrawals, higher transfer limits, and lower transaction fees, making it highly beneficial for business individuals or enterprises.


Grab is a comprehensive platform that offers not only payment services but also features like ride-hailing and delivery services.

Physical Banks

Physical banks provide a wider range of financial services, such as savings accounts, checking accounts, loans, investments, and more. However, opening a physical account typically takes longer.

Why Choose PayMaya App? 3 Reasons We Recommend

Why choose paymaya app?

The PayMaya app is a rapidly growing electronic payment platform, with an astonishing user base of 38 million. Here are three compelling reasons why we recommend it.

  1. Convenience & Wide Accessibility
    PayMaya app offers numerous channels for usage, including 7-Eleven, Mini Shop, and the upcoming integration with Family Mart, making it more convenient for everyday shopping. Furthermore, PayMaya app has partnered with Victory Liner, the largest transportation company in the Philippines. Now, you can easily purchase tickets through the PayMaya app on Victory Liner’s website, saving time and enjoying a safer and more convenient commuting experience, especially during these heavily affected times due to the pandemic.
  2. Promotions & Rewards
    The PayMaya app frequently offers various promotional activities and rewards, such as discounts, cashbacks, or loyalty points. With the growing number of PayMaya users, many partner merchants also provide exclusive offers and benefits, whether it’s ordering food delivery or purchasing movie tickets. By using PayMaya for payments, you can save more and enjoy additional perks!
  3. User-friendly & Manageable
    The PayMaya app has a clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy for both new and experienced users to navigate and find the desired features. Additionally, PayMaya provides real-time transaction notifications, allowing you to track your spending and easily view your balance and transaction details within the app.

How to Send GCash to PayMaya?

  1. Log in to GCash and select “Bank Transfer.”
  2. Scroll down and choose “PayMaya/Maya.”
  3. Enter the transfer amount and other relevant account information.
  4. Confirm that the inputted data is correct and press “Transfer” to initiate the transaction.
How to send Gcash to paymaya?

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Maya will settle GCash transactions to your account on the next banking day after the day of the transaction (T+1).
All money transfers from Paymaya to GCash are subject to a PHP15. 00 transaction fee.
PayMaya because of cashbacks when you use it. And also for international purchase, if you use their virtual card, it provides lower forex rate conversions. In addition to that, it has lower fees compared to Gcash.
Yes, you can! PayMaya is a global payment service provider that enables users to make international remittances and payments, making it highly convenient for overseas business individuals.