Highest No Deposit Bonus in Philippine Casinos for Free

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No deposit bonus happens to be rare in Philippine casinos, because it’s free. Free is a charmful word for consumers, but a specter that cannot be dispelled for suppliers – especially in gambling industry. They can potentially suffer heavy losses just because 1 dollar giveaway, considering part of the games in online casino have monstrous multiplier, like Crazy Time’s 20,000X grand jackpot.

Let’s not make any presumption at the first place, think positively about it. Philippine issues gambling licenses around the world, there got to be one casino willing to give out casino free bonus. You may find them on Google and Facebook, but ended up to be unsupported towards GCash or Philippine peso. What a complete disaster for Filipinos.

Luckily enough, there’s still one online casino that offers you free bonus with no deposit requirement. You are able to claim real money prize once your registration is fully done. On top of that, this casino supports GCash, GrabPay, PayMaya and local Philippine banks, accepts PHP as the only currency. Lodibet, the one site offering no deposit bonus dedicated for Philippine players. Shall we begin?

How to Claim No Deposit Bonus from Lodibet

Claim No Deposit Bonus from Lodibet

To claim the bonus, first thing you to do is registration, just like other offshore casino that offers no deposit bonus. Unlike majority of them, Lodibet provides various methods for you to sign up, you can link to your Google or Facebook account directly to cut off complicated procedure. Fear not, all it need is your identity verification, you will NOT be recognized by your friends on third-party associated social platform. In other words, you can secretly join Lodibet without anyone noticing.

Of course, if you prefer the old way, it’s comparably easier too. You are going to need a username, password, mobile number and SMS verification.

register with Lodibet

Don’t get too excited after you finish. Certain requirements are necessary for your free bonus. You have to perfect following information to achieve your ultimate goal.

  1. Real name
  2. Bank account
  3. Phone number
  4. Facebook

Why are Lodibet requiring those? It’s for the sake of business operation. Imagine you are a hacker possessing illegal tool that is able to massive produce alt accounts, Lodibet could be an easy target. Other than that, by registering in an online casino, you ought to play with real money, and all forms of cash transactions need a valid name and bank account. Your number and Facebook are to increase your account safety.

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Now, it’s time for you to collect your casino free bonuses. Oh yes, the bonus is more than one. But before we go further, you probably want to know about the details. The Golden Egg bonus as the image referring is a kind of lucky draw. When all verifications done, you will receive a chance to crack open a Golden Egg, drawing an 8,888 PHP maximum cash prize.

The egg will show up in the same section, Reward Center. Click the egg, the second window pops out, gives you 8 small eggs to choose from, rewarding 8 to 8,888 PHP. Your effort worth every penny.

Another no deposit bonus hides below Beginner Task.

Lodibet encourages players to login on daily basis, so special offers wouldn’t just quietly slipping out of sight. Under Beginner Task, there is Sign-in Task, where prize is collectable every day. The prize grows on your sign-in days, and upgrades to Golden Egg bonus every 2 or 3 days. Amazing.

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To wrap it up, you are able receive 2 no deposit bonuses Lodibet.

  1. Beginner Task : 1 Golden Egg rewarded
  2. Sign-in Task : 10 PHP at the first day

Do be mindful that Golden Egg is not guaranteed to win. Although the prizes are 8 PHP to 8,888 PHP, there’s still a minor chance to fail the draw. So basically, if you’re jinxed, top you can get is 10 PHP. Ask yourself, is it really enough?


More Free Bonuses on Lodibet

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FREE bonus is what this guide truly dedicating of. We’re here to concentrate on hunting down casino bonuses that are FREE, and no deposit bonus just appears to be the one. In fact, free bonuses are everywhere, but some of them require a little more effort other than money.

  1. Friend invitation
  2. Facebook & Telegram exclusive event

Friend invitation is to invite your friend to register at Lodibet while key in your referral code. Once your friend makes a minimum deposit (200 PHP), you receive a lucky draw. Not a Golden Egg, it’s Red Envelope. Red Envelope is a draw with guaranteed cash rewards, 1,000 PHP max.

Events promoting on our social platforms will not be announced on our website. It’s a type of special offer exclusive for Facebook and Telegram followers. Since the event might promote without prior notice and on these two platforms only, we would suggest you to follow them in order to claim your free bonus. Lodibet had held 3 events on Telegram, 1 on Facebook. We dealt out 600,000 PHP worth of prizes during those events. Let’s take a quick look on them.

Facebook and Telegram exclusive event

A point is a type of virtual currency to exchange physical merchant or credit on Lodibet Shopping Mall. It comes along with your wager, proportion depends on your VIP level.

A qualified bonus hunter takes advantage of every exploitable resource, maximizes the profit and minimizes the cost. Following our social platforms is the simplest way to achieve so. What do you think?

Instant-Play Games with Highest Win Rate

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Keep in mind that no online casino will just give you free bonus and permit your zero-cost withdrawal. All casinos set certain requirements to perform a withdrawal. Most commonly seen is turnover, which means you have to actually participate in real money gambling to withdraw bonus. Wouldn’t be a problem if the bonus were rewarded by event holding on our social medias.

Here, we are going to show you how to maximize your no deposit bonus through out games with the highest win rate. The win rates are calculated by actual data from Lodibet background office, based solely on statistical performance, October to November 2022.

  1. Golden Wealth Baccarat (98.57%)
  2. Money Coming (96.16%)
  3. Super Ace (95.93%)

Golden Wealth Baccarat might be a little unfamiliar for novice, and it is indeed a game for advance baccarat players. This Evolution Gaming produced baccarat featuring innovative gameplay upon the root of classic rules, more multipliers included.

Money Coming and Super Ace both online slots by JILI Games years ago. What you can expect from them is high RTP and continuous winning session. They are deemed to be the most popular and welcomed slots by Philippine player of all time.

We release rankings like this weekly on our Facebook and Telegram. Those rankings not only state out win rate, but also popularity and win hand. Choose your game wisely, pump your casino free bonus up confidently, you will be able to withdraw your bonus hundreds of times bigger. Free!


Payment Guide for Bonus Withdrawal

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Payment methods Lodibet accepts are much wider than you think. We support GCash, GrabPay, PayMaya and several Philippine local banks (BPI, UBP, BDO, RCBC), deposit and withdrawal. Be aware that our minimum withdrawal amount is 100 PHP, you’re not allowed to submit application lower than that number.

E-banking is the fastest method in the terms of withdrawing. GCash, GrabPay and PayMaya takes almost instantly  to transmit your money, because the service linked directly to our cash flow system. On the other hand, banks might take a little bit longer, but less than 5 minutes. The delay caused mostly by their authentication, the same when you do an online purchase on your credit card.

However, if you manage to withdraw a large amount, let’s say you win one million dollars with your bonus, the cash out process will take longer for legality-examining purpose. Few cases are reported to be money laundering, this is definitely unacceptable. Lodibet runs a formal business with PAGCOR, MGA and GC licenses, lawlessness is not allowed.

How long will large amount withdrawal be? Less than 1 hour. Is Lodibet going to avoid/reject your withdrawal application with false accusation? No. Lots of players have  won massive jackpots from us, we cash out on schedule meanwhile bragging about it on our fan page. Remember, Lodibet is a legit Philippine online casino that constantly gifting no deposit bonus to players, guarantees to pay out your money.

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No deposit bonuses mentioned in the article are long-term and no pre-requirement. You are able to get those bonuses whoever you are, whenever you want.
You absolutely can if the amount is more than minimum withdrawal threshold, 100 PHP.
Yes you can. What Lodibet gives out belongs to you, as well as your winnings forthcomingly.
Turnover stands for the sum wager of win and lose.
All of it. You can use a no deposit bonus on all the games in Lodibet.
Numerous. Just like no deposit bonus, our deposit bonus is also better than average.