Lodibet VIP: A Casino VIP Program Everyone Can Participate

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Lodibet VIP is a casino VIP program affordable for all players. This program essentially defines how comps should benefit others equally, it’s no longer just a service to privilege high rollers. This program breaks through the fourth wall interacting with low rollers, works perfectly fine in situations accepting all kinds of players. Precisely speaking, what other VIP programs lacking is flexibility and participation. Who decides who can or cannot enjoy benefits jointly? It’s 2022, we are protected by freedom and human rights.

To start off the topic, first thing we want you to know is there’s basically no threshold to become a VIP member. The time you make a minimum deposit (200 PHP), you’re automatically a level 1 VIP member. A level 1 member is able to receive Bet Point whenever a valid stake is placed. Bet Point is a virtual currency to let you exchange goods from Lodibet Shopping Mall, there are credit, daily necessities and luxuries. You can buy your family hair dryer or yourself a brand-new phone in level 1 VIP membership.

As for high rollers, you’re entitled to enjoy our finest service. A level ‘Papa’ VIP membership, which is the highest level, has: 10% Bet Point, 50% cashback twice a week, 0.5% rebate, 20,000 birthday bonus, customized VIP tour. Can you believe that?

Join Lodibet VIP Program - Where & How

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By participating in this program, you should always remain a registered member. Keep in mind that registration and first deposit are the only two mandatory conditions for a VIP membership. You can register at Lodibet by clicking buttons appeared in this article, and choose your preferred payment method to complete your first deposit. You will be categorized as a VIP by the system once you make your first deposit.

Should you register now? Not so fast. We kindly ask you to spare 3 minutes for us. Given the information there is scattered and outdated, we sincerely invite you to read organized instruction here and register there to achieve maximum effectiveness. What isn’t explicitly mentioned there is the instant cash reward and VIP-sharing system. We will talk about them later.

Since you’re now acknowledged of ‘where and how’ about this program; pros and cons, comparisons and analyses appear to be important. Lodibet is not the only casino offering VIP or loyalty program, and we simply want all the best for our valued customer. Without actual data to support our assertion, it’s merely words and shallow promises.

What You Can Expect from the Program

You can definitely expect a lot of benefits, comps, bonuses for becoming a Lodibet VIP. As mentioned above, Bet Point, cashback, rebate, birthday bonus, VIP tour are key benefits in this program. Especially cashback and rebate, they are surely something player expects the most. Here’s a detailed table for you to refer to.
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The Upgrade Bonus is a secondary reward system to encourage promotion after level privilege. Whilst the comps grow better as you upgrade, you will also receive a cash prize to reward your promotion. Isn’t that amazing? An extra chance to make more money for your family!

High Roller vs. Low Roller: How Does the Program Benefit You?

lodibetVIP High Roller vs. Low Roller

Through the introduction, you might think to yourself: I’m somehow not benefitted enough as a high roller. Well, we are here to prove you wrong. Though it’s presented to be a low threshold program, high roller’s advantage doesn’t necessarily appear as small. Certain paybacks are locked until you reach the level of 2 , 5 , 10 and Mebuyan. Another noteworthy change lies on level 6, your cashback quota doubled on this level.

On level 2, you start receiving weekly cashback.
On level 5, rebate hops into the grand party.
On level 10, your birthday is blessed by Lodibet official.
On level Mebuyan, we customize you a luxury trip to bricks and motor casino, FREE. In parentheses of wager reimbursement.

You may also want to invite your friends to Lodibet when you reached high levels.
Your friends can direct go to specific levels skipping tutorial. What a bargain!

Why Lodibet VIP Program is the Best

Please keep in mind that Lodibet is NOT the only casino offering VIP program. This article is an introduction, not an advertisement. You’re opened to every option most benefitable for you. Just like we said in the beginning, we are protected by freedom and human rights. To prove our honesty, we have collected comps and advantages from reputable online casinos. We prize your effort on trying to dig out best casino VIP program through exaggerated propaganda, it’s time to get something true from the Internet.

We exclusively pick Hawkplay and Nuebe Gaming accounting their popularity and reputation, especially in the Philippines. Hawkplay is a rising star unreasonably hidden under the horizon waiting to be disclosed; Nuebe Gaming is an old-branded site which every Filipino knows it. If you’re browsing through your phone, we’ve combined Hawkplay and Nuebe Gaming into ‘Other VIPs’ for best visual performance. You can always learn more by switching forth to desktop version.

👑 Lodibet VIP Hawkplay VIP NuebeVIP
Qualification 👑 200 PHP Unknown 100,000 PHP
Upgrade Bonus 👑 Yes No No
Cashback 👑 50%X2 65% 45%
Rebate 👑 0.5% 0.4% No
Birthday Bonus 👑 20,000 PHP 10,000 PHP Unknown
VIP Tour 👑 Yes 👑 Yes No
Invitation Bonus 👑 Yes No No
👑 Lodibet VIP Other VIPs
Qualification 👑 200 PHP 100,000 PHP
Upgrade Bonus 👑 Yes No
Cashback 👑 50%X2 50%
Rebate 👑 0.5% 0.4%
Birthday Bonus 👑 20,000 PHP 10,000 PHP
VIP Tour 👑 Yes No
Invitation Bonus 👑 Yes No

Clearly, the reason why we promote Lodibet’s VIP Program is obvious. Despite other advantages, it wins solely by the qualification. Everyone, every wager extent, every invited people can participate in this program. It takes 0 cost to be a VIP member.

Come and join Lodibet, make your first deposit, enjoy thousands of games online. We have JILI Slot, Fa Chai Fishing, Evolution Crazy Time, PCSO Lottery, UG Sportsbook, AVIA E-sport, Sabong and PVP, not to talk about our numerous promotions and events: Slot 120% Extra Deposit Bonus and Sabong Lucky Wheel. As the anticipated festival Christmas is coming soon, we are planning to give out more bonuses for FREE. Make you decision NOW!

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People constantly link VIP program to high roller program since VIP stands for Very Important Person. However, it’s more close-fitting to refer Lodibet’s VIP Program as casino rewards VIP program, because the program benefits all sorts of players. Every member in Lodibet is a VIP, your value isn’t decided by your turnover.
Bet Point is a virtual currency to let you trade virtual or physical merchants at Lodibet Shopping Mall. There is game credit, phone credit, Rolex, motorcycle, smart phone, gadget and household appliance like vacuum cleaner.
It’s the low threshold. Continued from the preceding paragraph, members are rewarded in all kinds of degrees, no matter how your turnover performed. Plus the bonuses are better, high rollers also benefit from it, those are inarguably the truths. Precisely speaking, Lodibet VIP is different from other casino’s VIP program as a whole. It transcends most VIP programs averagely, and works based on different mechanism.
It is. Lodibet holds legal licenses issued by PAGCOR (The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) and MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), additionally with Gaming Curacao that ‘Is Lodibet trustworthy’ has not mentioned. Lodibet cashes out shortly within 5 minutes after withdrawal application submitted.

Regardless of that this introduction wouldn’t be seen promptly, showing promos and events ongoing is still important. Up to this article published, there are:

  1. Invitation bonus, 1,000 PHP/per person, long term
  2. 120% more extra deposit bonus on slot, long term
  3. Daily check-in mission, up to 10,000 PHP, long term
  4. Unlimited 5% cashback, long term
  5. 4-day 500% cashback, 2022/10/30-2022/11/02
  6. Cockfight lucky wheel, rewards include iPhone and Rolex, 2022/10/14-2022/11/14

Don’t be regret if you’re too late for above bonuses. Promotions, events and comps will get better and better in the future, you are free to join Lodibet anytime you want.

You absolutely can. You can be anyone you simultaneously, just like different roles on Discord. Winner, player, agent, VIP member. Hell, why not all?