LODIBET Agent – Best Casino Affiliate Program

LODIBET agents’ high commission created a frenzy in the Philippines and was voted the best casino affiliate program in 2022. Folks who are looking for opportunities to make money but failed to find one, may take our program into account. What we need is you, a Filipino with passion and ambition. Academic or professional career is the least thing you should worry about.

LODIBET is the largest online casino in the Philippines, with millions of players flocking in every day. Statistically, experienced agents can make a staggering P100,000 a week, all thanks to our 70% cut. Such great conditions is unimaginable in other casinos.

What we’d like to see is your motivation, a true dedication towards making fortunes. That’s why we’ll be teaching you to increase your income through marketing strategies at the end of the guide. Be our guest to hop on board and share your joys with friends!

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How to Join LODIBET Agent

You don’t need any casino-related experience to join LODIBET’s agency program, as long as you can bring members in steadily, you are a qualified agent. For those of you who may be new to this industry or have never worked as an agent before, don’t worry, we will show you step by step on how to successfully make money in LODIBET.

Join LODIBET Gaming Agent

Step 1: Read the agency plan carefully

Different amounts of active bets and number of active members are subject to different percentage thresholds.

The LODIBET Affiliate program is based on a number of factors and conditions to determine the level of agent commissions, which you can use to estimate where the number will fall and to analyze your income.

Our commission tiers start at 50% and go up to 70%. Each upgrade of tier involves the downline member base and a significant correlation with member activity time, member stored value, casino net income.

Step 2: Register

After you agree our terms of affiliate program, you can begin the registration process. Our registration process is very simple, filling in your account name, password and phone number is all you need to do.

Step 3: Promote

Promote us vigorously on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social platforms to make us known and attract more players to participate, this will form a virtuous revenue cycle – everyone earns, and you earn the most.

Step 4: Withdraw

You can request a withdrawal from LODIBET when you feel it’s a good day to get your earnings. Once your application is sent, we will transfer your salary to your designated account in less than 5 minutes. If you have any problems about withdrawal, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Follow these steps accordingly, you will soon reach the 70% threshold, and receive incomes far from your age!

Why Become LODIBET Agent is the Best

LODIBET pays the highest commissions of any Philippine casino, along with the following 5 highlights to make you compete with other agents efficiently:

LODIBET Gaming Agent is the Best

1. 100% Legal

LODIBET is a 100% legal online casino in the Philippines, you’re entitled to promote our brand without any worries.

2. Professional back office

Agents can access the back-office system from the agent page and use it to analyze data and monitor traffic. For experienced agent, it’s difficult to control his/her huge downline base by human brain alone, that’s where our back office does the trick.

3. Extensive Game Selects

Literately every salesman knows how difficult it is to market a product – especially when it’s banal and even inferior to homogeneous products available on the market – LODIBET casino is proud to claim that we boast the most comprehensive range of games and our own Lotto, giving our agents more material to promote.

4. Easy Tier Upgrade

We have noticed that a significant number of agents tend to get stuck in a dead end at lower tiers, and face difficulty to move up and get more commission; this does not happen at LODIBET. We will not deliberately raise the threshold for each tier, but base on the spirit of “work more, paid more” to make reasonable allocations.

5. Fast Withdrawal

Paying bills and taxes are tough, so get your money fast becomes a pending issue. The withdrawal process is quite simple: First off, click on “Withdrawal” in your account page, fill in necessary information and prepare relevant documents, then click “Send” as the last step. There’s no withdrawal limit, no handling fee, and takes only 5 minutes to complete transactions.

Pro Tips to Earn More as LODIBET Agent

Following paragraph may contain specialized knowledge about marketing terminology and concepts that challenge starters. It’s critical for agents to fully understand this paragraph to outperform others. To make a name for yourself, you need to build a solid marketing strategy that will attract more people to sign up as your downline.

Useful Marketing Strategies

Here are two marketing strategies that you can refer to. One is 7Cs Compass Model, which is applicable to a wide range of distribution practices and can be universally applied to all types of product-marketing strategies; the other is Digital Marketing Mix, which is an optimized marketing approach specifically for new types of virtual products on the Internet.

The 7Cs Compass Model has 7 “C”s, which are Corporation, Commodity, Cost, Channel, Communication, Consumer, Circumstances, meaning that to sell a product or brand, these 7 “C”s must be combined. To sell a product or brand, these 7 indicators must be taken into consideration to create maximum revenue.

The Digital Marketing Mix has four “P”s: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Product refers to digital goods rather than physical products, such as NFT and e-books. Price stands for the value of your merchandise, the cost of your selling. Place means marketing channels and websites, such as Google and Facebook. Promotion is about promotions and advertising on the Internet, includes social distribution, pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimisation (SEO).

How to Incorporate Marketing Strategies into LODIBET Affiliate Program?

Take Digital Marketing Mix for example, you can create a YouTube channel (Place), put up some award-winning videos to attract potential customers (Promotion), and attract customers to sign up to play on our website through coupon codes (Product), and package the deposit rebate campaign (Price) in a better way. The final goal is to consolidate existing users and attract potential ones.

According to the work pattern of Philippine agents, they like to use Facebook as the base and Facebook friends as the focus of promotion. You can try to develop your own marketing strategy by comparing to 7Cs Compass Model and Digital Marketing Mix.

You may start by spreading agency copy in your community, then discover, modify, change your marketing approach in hence. Though it is a relatively inefficient way to distribute copy, the cost is close to zero, making it an approachable marketing method for inexperienced starters.

Be a Part of LODIBET Agent Now

After reading through the content, you might want to know more about us. You can find links to different places on this page, and take the initiative to contact us at our home page or fan page, we are always available to answer your questions.

Join our agent program now and start your own agent business. We sincerely ask every one of you reading this article to join us, LODIBET will be your sturdiest support. Besides a full range of services and guidance, LODIBET also find you a way to be the richest guy in every school reunion!

LODIBET Gaming Affiliate Other Affiliate Program
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LODIBET agents make their money by recruiting potential customers. Each agent has a unique referral code, which is the major medium to earn commissions from your downlines.

LODIBET Casino currently offers the highest affiliate commission in the Philippines.

The commission threshold earned by an agent varies significantly depending on the agent’s commission tier, number of active downline members and amount of deposit value. Since each agent has different resources and abilities, we can’t give you an exact number; but a senior agent can earn 100,000 pesos or more weekly.

LODIBET Casino is the biggest betting site in the Philippines. We possess legal registrations and licenses to operate online gambling business.

If you’re an existing agent, executing a LODIBET agent login is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the LODIBET website and locate the ‘Login’ option.
  2. Input your agent username and password on the login page.
  3. Click ‘Login’ to access your agent dashboard.


For login issues or forgotten passwords, contact our customer support immediately.